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Un juegos friv It is an activity that is used for the fun and enjoyment of the participants; on many occasions, including a gadget educational. The games usually differ from work and art, but in many cases they do not have a difference produced clear. Also, a game is considered a lively exercise subject to rules La primera referencia sobre friv games There is the year 3000 b.c. The friv games are considered to be part of a human experience and are present in all the culturas.1 probably the itching, combined with laughter, be one of the first activities of being man, while one of the first communicative activities prior to the emergence of language. El friv games It is an inherent activity to be individual. All of us have learned to connect us with our space family, material, collective and formative obliquity of the game. Is traffic of a rich, extensive, versatile and ambivalent asaz concept involving a difficult categorization. Etymologically, the researchers refer to the word game comes from two words in latin: "iocum and ludus-ludere\" the one and the other refer to befa, cachondeo, acuity, and are often used indistinctly coupled with the expression fun activity. Racing. They have stated countless definitions about the game, thus, the Repertoire of the Royal Academy considers it such a distracted exercise subject to rules which are greed or lost. Without confiscation own polysemy of this and the subjectivity of different authors imply that any definition is not more than a partial approach to the playful phenomenon. It can be said that the game, so any socio-cultural reality, is impossible to define in absolute terms, and therefore definitions describe some of their features. Among the best-known conceptualizations we aim as follows: Huizinga (1938): The game is an action or occupation, that develops in a certain spatial and temporal limits, according to decidedly compulsory, even independently accepted rules, action that is endless in effectively and is accompanied by a delicacy of anguish and happy, free and awareness - be different so - that in the everyday life. Gutton, p. (1982): It is a privileged form of innocent expression. Cagigal, J.M (1996): Free, spontaneous, selfless and inconsequential that occurs in a celestial and temporal limitation of usual life, subject to certain rules, established or improvised and action whose illustrative element is the uncertainty. In conclusion, these and other authors as Roger Caillois, Moreno Palos, etc. included in their definitions a string of characteristics common to all views, which some of the most representative are: The game is a free activity: it is an optional event, none are forced to play. It is located in some space limitations and in some temporal imperatives established in advance or improvised in the moment of the game. It has an unknown character. To be a creative activity, spontaneous and original, the conclusion of the game fruit fluctuates regularly, what motivates the presence of a mild-mannered doubt that captivates us all. It is a demonstration that is reason in itself, is free, unbiased and trivial. This feature is going to be quite important in the game childish today that not allows any disappointment. The game takes place in a world apart, pretended, is such a game narrated with actions, separate from everyday life, a relentless allegorical message. It is a usual activity, now that every game is the result of a social contract established by the players, who designed the game and determine its internal order, its limitations and its rules. SI QUIERES JUGARLOS YA ENTRA AQUI:
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